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Traffic accident reconstruction

Traffic accident investigation expert in Malta

  • Who I am

Ivan Macella (BEng, ACTAR) forensic traffic accident investigation & reconstruction expert in Malta.

My practise is dedicated completely to the traffic accident investigation and reconstruction of vehicle accidents.
“It isn’t part of my business – it is my business”.

  • What I can do for you

I provide crash, collision and traffic accident investigation and reconstruction services, including solving impacts speeds, calculations of point of impact, 3D animations, forensic mapping, software simulation training and lectures, and all other related accident reconstruction services.

    • Over 20 years of experience

I’m certified in the field of crash reconstruction in addition to other credentials I only use state-of-the-art hardware and software tools methods and procedures .

I will deliver only powerful and comprehensive report outlining the problems and also providing support for my opinion wherever appropriate.
My conclusions are always supported with technical literature and references.

Accident Investigation Reconstruction Malta.

ACTAR Accredited

Accident Reconstruction Malta
ACTAR The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists .

ACTAR is recognized in the United States and Canada as an independent accrediting organization for those who work in the field of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction.

The weight of this credential can make it easier for an investigator to establish his suitability to present expert witness testimony in the legal system of both countries.

ACTAR accreditation is also held by investigators in Australia, Italy, Singapore and The United Arab Emirates.

Are you a Law Firm?

As forensic traffic accident investigation & reconstruction expert I’ve testified in many criminal and Civil Courts all over Italy, recently I’ve also applied as an expert to the court of Malta.

I’m highly qualified to discover important issues with the accuracy of the other expert report, If needed I’ll deliver a formal rebuttal report and/or I will give you some tips on cross-examination questions that might assist you.

Do you need reviewing a reports submitted by other experts ?

I will review it immediately and provide a preliminary opinion within 24 hours.

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Accident Reconstruction

Traffic accident Investigation, collision recontruction, forensic 3d animation

Expert Witness

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Expert Civil and Criminal Court

Training & Public speaking

Traffic Accident Investigation and reconstruction traning, lectures.